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Here I am finally blogging away today.  My friend, Sharon, who just happens to be a marketing maven and blogging specialist has been on my case for months to start blogging.   As a small business owner I find it difficult to carve out blogging time in addition to everything else I manage.   Anyhow, as we just finished with our busiest time of the year at Punjab Sweets with our Diwali festival last week, I realize how much more awareness people could have gained by their knowledge of this Indian holiday. 

Diwali is an Indian holiday where all religions in the country have their various celebrations, but it is most commonly referred to as the “Festival of Lights”.  There are significant events that occurred for the Hindu, Sikh, and Jain religion on this day.   It is celebrated by lighting diyas which are small clay pots filled with oil and a cotton string as a sign of good over evil and light pervading darkness.  We celebrate by putting on lights around our homes, businesses, dressing in our decorative traditional Indian clothes, and giving each other boxes of Indian sweets.   It’s a colorful celebration as well as very exciting for all of us and considered to be a great time to start new businesses and other ventures as well. 

We had been busy for weeks preparing the special sweets for Diwali and it was quite a sight to see as the entire store here at Punjab Sweets was filled with trays and trays of sweets.  Boxes were adorned in the front on the tables and the lines get to be so long that the customers actually get to choose their own sweets and box it themselves!  After a crazy week last week we are just settling into a normal work week here and ready for the next holiday to come!  Ahhhh….this piece of burfi is soooo good….. 🙂 


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