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As a single mother of a 9 year old daughter and running a restaurant, I really have no time to spare most days.  The days are rushed with making breakfast and packing a healthy lunch for my daughter.  Every morning I try to wake up at an “early” time so I can have some breathing time before we have to run and catch the school bus.  However, snoozing the alarm usually 2-3 times is the norm rather than the exception.   Knowing the track record, one would think I would get it and set it at the “real” time I get up.  At least I pride myself on being postive and hoping that this might be the day I get up at the early time.  As soon as I drop off my daughter, I rush to work with a pile of to do lists that hasn’t usually been completed from the week before.  I start returning the phone calls, writing the emails, opening up bills, checking balances, verifying sales from the previous night, as well as trying to juggle the constant interruption of vendors, the kitchen staff, additional supplies needed, and making sure the restaurant is running properly!   Did I say I tried to take a deep breath between some of these demands on me….?  Well, the key word is I “try” to!  Some days are completely so hectic such as a health department surprise visit.  Yes, it is usually definitely a surprise…perhaps not a much anticipated but nonetheless a surprise.  If the kitchen equipment is operating smoothly and we have no minor difficulties such as a leaky cooler, faucet that isn’t running correctly, or a deep fryer that is frying at an incorrect temperature, I’m happy. 

Time to pick up my daughter…how did the day run by so quickly?  Its funny some days I run out the door and barely have eaten anything, but have to remind myself I own a restaurant!  Well, from there the day just vanishes.  After school snack, soccer, homework, dinner prep, reading, and finally time for bed and my time begins to get things finished from the day on the computer and around the house.  After an exhausting schedule how does a person manage to fit anything else in it?  The struggles I run into are trying to eat and shop healthy, making sure excercise is a regular part of the day, and raising a well adjusted child while simultaneously keeping my sanity and my business alive.  Any suggestions on how to make the day longer??? 

I wish that were the case, however as we know living in such a fast paced and technologically reliant society that we must do what is necessary to keep the pace.  For me, the key has been reading spiritually based books and surrounding myself with constant messages of love, strength, and faith.  Most people close to me know I have not watched a tv show in years, and spend my time reading books that allow me to lose the craziness of the day.  These concepts of visualization, postive thoughts, and reaching out to help others keeps the fire inside of me going strong each morning.  Its what allows me to have the energy to keep dreaming and building, yet also genuinely care for others.  Meditation has also been huge for me over the years and I feel very content these days.  It has allowed me to bridge that gap between work and life and feel at peace.  May all of you find that inner beauty and strength to go beyond the fast paced lives we lead and be able to utilize it and experience the richness that surrounds us all!


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