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Many people these days are struggling financially and across all industries layoffs and cuts are being seen.  As we enter into this new year with a new President, anticipation is high, along with restlesness and unease in every corner of the country.  People are working harder, longer hours, anything to ensure a stream of revenue coming in.  Employers are looking for employees who are dedicated, responsible, reliable, and willing to be a team player.  Downsizing has been a consistent theme heard all across companies in the past several months and it may be only a sign of the times.  It is not only affecting entry level positions, but also manager and directors as well.  One of the key components of times such as these is to have a passion for your work.  How else can one imagine performing duties and delivering excellence without being overwhelmed or burned out? 

Passion.  It is what wins the big games.  Its what is needed to persevere, to triumph, to push to the next level and be successful.  Passion.  Without it life is empty and not worth the struggles.  Cooking food and serving it with love has always been a passion of my mom.  She is one of the most dedicated women that I know.  In addition to raising her family, working two jobs, with minimal English skills, my mom managed to pursue her dream and open up a restaurant with her amazing cooking!  Almost eight years ago now my mom, opened up a vegetarian bakery/restaurant.  She was the only cook and her excellent entrees and sweets sustained this place for years and attracted fans from all over the state.  To this day people still come in and ask for “Auntiji” and want to meet the women that put Punjab Sweets on the map. 

Passion.  Thats what builds dreams and fuels them to the finish line.  Its what differentiates winners from losers and makes a name and brand.  Its what sustains people in adversity and down times.  So, go out there and pursue your passion and make it happen!


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